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NTNU: Do you want to contribute to the sustainable development of wind energy?

We are now announcing 11 PhD positions.

Have you finished or about to finish a master's degree? Or are you already in a position, but open to pursue new challenges?

Wind energy is in rapid development and is expected to be an important part of the future energy system. Most of today's capacity is installed on land, whereas the offshore wind resources represent a massive untapped potential, which will be a main challenge addressed by FME NorthWind. A main goal for the centre is to make offshore floating wind farms cost competitive before 2030. The research in FME Nothwind will be multidisciplinary with a base in mathematical and technology development, techno-economic analyses, environmental studies and socio-technical studies.

We are now announcing 11 PhD positions in FME NorthWind (Norwegian Research Centre on Wind Energy) that has as aim to bring forward outstanding research and innovation to create jobs and grow exports, and to facilitate a sustainable development of wind power. The Centre is led by SINTEF, with research partners NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), UiO (University of Oslo), NINA (The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research), and NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute). The Centre involves more than 40 national and international industrial partners that together with the research partners comprise a world leading consortium for the development of sustainable wind energy.

NTNU - knowledge for a better world.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) creates knowledge for a better world and solutions that can change everyday life.

The overall research approach is to develop methodologies and knowledge in inter-disciplinary teams that balance technology push and domain specific application pull. The Centre has three application specific WPs (WP1 Structures and integrity, WP2 Marine operations and logistics, and WP3 Electrical infrastructure and system integration) and two cross-cutting WPs (WP4 Digital twin and asset management and WP5 Sustainable wind development) that strongly interact with each other. WP4 will provide WP1-3 and WP5 with a digital twin (DT) framework that can be utilized for holistic optimization throughout the design, installation, operation, and decommissioning phases. WP5 will ensure that the technologies developed in WP1-4 are sustainable, respecting both society and nature.

You are encouraged to apply for more than one position, in case more than one position aligns with your interests and background. The number of positions finally offered will depend on the forthcoming contract for the FME NorthWind.

In addition to those that had finished or about to finish a master's degree, Master of Science students at NTNU who complete the first year of their 2-year master program, or their fourth year of their 5-year integrated master program in 2021, can apply for some of the positions (see the specific calls) and will then be evaluated for an “integrated PhD”.

Our positions

Why apply for a PhD position?

A PhD position is a full-time employment at NTNU for 3-4 years where you complete a paid research education, with the goal of obtaining a doctoral degree. The education enables you to solve complex problems within the area in which you specialize. You will also receive training in dissemination of your work, both in writing and orally. The skills you acquire are attractive, such as for:

Norwegian industry, which needs research expertise to stay competitive and develop new jobs for the future.

Research institutes and universities, both in Norway and abroad - which need you to continue researching solutions for the best of society and industry.

Being employed in a PhD position gives a lot of freedom: Freedom for priorities in daily work, and freedom to travel to conferences and visit universities internationally. At the same time, you become part of a network with exciting colleagues, both in the department you are employed in and through the PhD-programme provided by FME NorthWind.

Candidates are expected to start the positions at 1st of September 2021.